About SFL

SFL is a diversified conglomerate, which started as a manufacturer of Fibres in 1979 and has now evolved into three different businesses inclusive of Textile, Energy and Building Materials. SFL is the flagship company of the Sapphire Group which leverages on its state-of-the-art spinning facilities, best-in-class energy production setup, the latest technology for production of world-class denim, modern infrastructure and a dedicated family of more than 6,000 individuals to be  one of the leading and fast-growing groups of Pakistan.

Our meticulous people united by our values at the core, led by our mission and combined with state-of-the-art technology and machinery puts SFL in a class of its own – ultimately ensuring that our Stakeholders and Customers are well satisfied.

Our Businesses

textile Textile
enegy Energy
building-material Building Material
farms Farm Services
testing NeelaBlue

Our Story

Our founding father Mr. Muhammad Abdullah started and nurtured his first spinning venture by the name of “Sharmeen Textile” in the 1950s in Dhaka, East Pakistan. Inspired and mentored by his father Muhammad Abdullah, Shahid Abdullah started his first venture outside Sindh in Lahore, which would become the first offshoot of Sapphire in the late 1970s and early 1980s as Sapphire Fibres.


6000+ Employees

First spinning unit of SFL

37000+ Spindles

Third spinning unit of SFL

65000+ Spindles

Amer Cotton Mills

45500+ Spindles

Reliance Cotton & Spinning Mills Ltd

38000+ Spindles

Value Added Business: Dyeing and Knitting

660 Tonnes/month capacity

Combined Cycle Power Production Unit

234 MW Capacity


1.4 million meters/month capacity

we are associated with

Sapphire’s success begins with our circle of long-term clients, whose names alone reflect the quality of our products and services. With our product demand coming from across the globe, SFL represents unmatched quality and practices to ensure customer satisfaction. Offering a high level of order customization, we enable each client brand to express their individuality
and push them to the boundaries of all possibilities.

These strong and sustained business relationships with our clients help us maintain our competitive edge and provide us with a platform to materialize our success and strengthen our brand persona. Our focus on research and innovation also plays a critical role in creating customized quality products and services for our clients. When combining operational excellence with financial discipline and a strong culture as support, SFL ensures each step taken, is a step towards the prosperity of our clients.

We Understand Our Social Resposibilities


Being a progressive company, lending a helping hand to society has remained an obligation amongst our core values. We believe in nourishing a brand which is loved and trusted by all people for which our several corporate social responsibility initiatives are carried out with utmost sincerity and pure intent.