About Acm

Amer Cotton Mills Limited was established in 1989 as a unit of Sapphire Fibres Limited. The initial capacity of the plant was 13,440 spindles. Over the 30 years of its consistent growth, it has expanded to 45,552 spindles with its manufacturing expanded of a wide range of products, including; plain, lycra, slub, dual‐core, double yarn, compact, viscose and is now initiating the production of PC yarn.

With quality being the main driver of our operations, Amer Cotton Mills continuously introducesinnovation in all of its production processesto ensure the highest possible quality
and efficiency. This is done by making use of all available modern technologies combined with professionals with the highest level of competence.

Our Strength

55,000 kgs/day

Production Capacity

5000 Kgs/day

Double Yarn Capacity

45,552 Spinning

Total Spindles

300~400 Bags/Day

Lycra Yarn

350~400 Bags/Day

Plain + Slub Yarn

400~450 Bags/Day

Siro Yarn

100~110 Bags/Day

Towel Yarn

100~110 Bags/Day

Towel Yarn

Technology & Infrastructure

Constant commitment to high‐quality standards and innovation has been the secret of our success ever since the Company was founded. Amer Cotton Mills ensures the supply of consistent quality yarn. Our Spinning Units lead the quality of yarn in the Pakistani market.

Ultimately, the crunch liesin the infusion of hi‐tech,state‐of‐the‐art machinery that aids in the production of high quality 100% combed yarn, in counts that range from NE 20s to 60s in single and double.

The testimony to modernization and upgradation lies in the fact that the oldest machine is continuously replaced with new machinery according to the standards and requirements of our customer. Our spinning setup includes


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Health & Safety Initiatives

Our founding father Mr. Muhammad Abdullah started and nurtured his first spinning venture by the name of “Sharmeen Textile” in the 1950s in Dhaka, East Pakistan. Inspired and mentored by his father Muhammad Abdullah, Shahid Abdullah started his first venture outside Sindh in Lahore,

Use of face masks while working
Use of earbuds while working in noisy environments
No loose clothing
Maintain a safe distance from revolving machinery
No smoking or ignition materials on the premises.
Follow Guides in Case of Any Emergency Situation
Fire Alarm System
Sprinkler System
Special Fire Fighting Team
Fully Insured
Water Hydrants
Water, DHCP & Carbon Dioxide Cylinders
Emergency Gate

We Understand Our Social Resposibilities


Being a progressive company, lending a helping hand to society has remained an obligation amongst our core values. We believe in nourishing a brand which is loved and trusted by all people for which our several corporate social responsibility initiatives are carried out with utmost sincerity and pure intent.