About Shl

The principal business of this Company is to construct, establish and set up a Hydro Electric Power Generation facility under the name of Sharmai Hydro Power Project. The Plant will have a net capacity of 150 MW with a potential of 689.84 GWh of annual energy generation and will be situated on Panjkora River, Dir District. Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

This project is a consortium of Sapphire Electric Company Limited (SECL) and Sinohydro Corporation Limited (SHCL) ‐ with SECL being the main sponsor and SHCL, a Chinese state‐owned hydropower engineering and construction company. The Company is currently in its setup phase and has not yet commenced commercial operations./p>

Technology & Infrastructure

The plant facility is designed to generate energy from 90 m3/s discharge by employing 3x vertical Francis turbines for power generation. The project includes a headrace tunnel of 8.5km length with a diameter of 6.75m with a cavern powerhouse.

We Understand Our Social Resposibilities


Being a progressive company, lending a helping hand to society has remained an obligation amongst our core values. We believe in nourishing a brand which is loved and trusted by all people for which our several corporate social responsibility initiatives are carried out with utmost sincerity and pure intent.